Virtual Private Storage

Manage your documents effectively and store them securely in the cloud


Virtual Private Storage (VPS) is a Salesforce app that you can download and install in your Salesforce environment directly from the Salesforce AppExchange.

With VPS you can enjoy unlimited cloud storage in your Salesforce environment by interfacing with your Amazon S3 environment. No worries if you don’t use Amazon S3 currently, since it’s easy to setup, has reliable security, and offers an exceptional uptime at a insane low price (approximately $ 0.025 per month per GB stored). We will help you getting started with Amazon S3 in our Getting Started with Virtual Private Storage for Admins Guide. Fill out the contact form, and we’ll make sure you get the newest version of the documentation.

VPS has a lot of features that helps you save time by keeping track of your documents and have them available whenever and wherever needed.


Manage your files from within Salesforce

Create folder hierarchies and store large number of files using an intuitive user interface.

Files are securely stored on your Amazon S3 account by utilization of servicer side encryption and the authentication of requests using AWS Signature Version 4.

Attach files and folders to Salesforce records

Set up auto folder creation to generate a predefined folder hierarchy when a record is created.

Utilize (indirect) related folders to navigate through folders of related records with ease.

Upload multiple files by using drag and drop

Save time by enabling file category restrictions to structure your files more efficiently utilizing the predefined folder hierarchy.

Preview files directly in Salesforce

Use the file preview to open a file without downloading it. This works for most common file type.

Store multiple versions of a file and open a specific one from the Lightning Record Page.

Perform various file actions from the User Interface

File action include the following:

  • Copy
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Show
  • Hide

Create external link bundles to securely share files

Share one or more files by creating a password protected and time limited external link bundle.

Thew external link bundle can be shared with anybody outside of your organization so they can download the files securely.

Virtual Private Storage Screenshot

Configure most settings from a centralized settings page

Manage the application from a centralized settings page where most of the application’s settings are located.

Every setting is accompanied by an extensive help text.

This helps admins to save time with the configuration and maintenance of the app.

Import thousands of files using the built-in import utility

Upload thousands of files at once using the built-in import utility.

Store files directly into their target folder using an intuitive configuration file.

Subscription Plans

The subscription plans scale to meet the requirements of companies of every size. As a small companies you can start with the free plan. The free plan offers basic document management features. If these features are sufficient for your organization, you can use this plan forever.

We measure the amount of active users, your storage usage, and the number of file versions you have in your Salesforce org and store these as feature parameters. If your surpass the limit of one of these parameters, you are allowed to stay in the current subscription plan. Only if you reach 2 out of 3 of these parameters, you have to upgrade your subscription plan.

Another major difference between the subscription plans are the advanced document management features. The professional, enterprise, and unlimited plans all offer the same functionality. The only difference in the software is the allowance of more storage usage, file versions, and users.

Get Started For Free

Start the 30 day trial to test all advanced document management features that Virtual Private Storage has to offer. At the end of the trial period your subscription plan will automatically switched to the free plan, which you can use forever.

To get started with Virtual Private Storage, click the button below to go to the AppExchange listing and install the package on any of your Salesforce environments.