We care about the world

We are always looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint, use solar energy ourselves and make sure that any extra energy is coming from renewable sources. We also invest in the planting of trees to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Business Travel

We minimize the number of travel moments by encouraging employees to work from home and plan meetings with customers online. We use public transport whenever possible and we limit air travel unless absolutely necessary.

Renewable Energy

Because the accelerating growth of human population and the increasing energy consumption per capita we need to make drastic changes to our behaviour and find new ways te reduce our energy consumption and use renewable energy sources.

At Upper Spire we use of solar panels on our building and make sure we only buy supplemental energy from renewable sources.

Carbon Neutrality

Reducing energy consumption and the usage of renewable energy sources is only one step to build a better future. Because carbon dioxide levels are rapidly increasing, everybody needs to make it a priority to reduce emissions more than ever. On top of that we need to increase the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by conservation and restoration of forests. Upper Spire is compensating CO2 by investing in charities that plant trees all around the world.

Paperless Office

You can plant trees as much as you want, but while we use massive amounts of paper, forests are still being cut down at an alarming rate. Within the office of Upper Spire we only print on paper when absolutely necessary. Our Salesforce app Virtual Private Storage helps us to store all documents digitally, keep them organized and available for viewing whenever needed. There is a free tier which allows you to give it a go and start your journey to a paperless office from within your Salesforce environment.

We are partners with Trees for All

Trees for All is a CBF-recognized charity. They plant forests in the Netherlands and abroad for a healthier climate, more biodiversity, and better living conditions.

Trees are essential to all life on earth. They give us oxygen, clean air, food, protection, coolness and water. Forests are important for biodiversity and provide a habitat for countless plants and animals. Forests also play a major role in tackling climate change. So it is important that we protect and restore our existing forests and plant new ones. You, too, can make a difference. Help create more forests in the world!

Do you want to help? Go to for more information.