Upper Spire, otherwise known as Joris Olde Bijvank, is an up-and-coming producer of electronic dance music.

He started to grow interest in computers, developing computer software and creating music in the early 90s. Over the course of years he became more and more profound in various computer languages. While focussing on building his company which nowadays specializes in Salesforce development he never lost his love for creating music.

Early 2020, Joris couldn’t stop the growing feeling that he wants to create music for the world to hear and with the growing success of digital music platforms this felt like the right moment to build his studio and to start with the production of his own tracks.

After some great reviews on his early tracks he released the track Flanger Beat. Joris is now working on tracks within various subgenres of EDM from trance to hardstyle and the more mainstream house trends.

You can listen to the latest tracks or watch the corresponding video clip below. Enjoy!