Who we are

Smiling male posing with colleagues in office

We love what we do

We enjoy every minute of every hour we work on our products. Whether we are designing new functionality or fixing bugs, we are filled with joy when a task is ready to be shared with the world!

Make everything count

There is only one world where we have to live together for many generations to come. Let’s make this experience a pleasant one for everyone. Make everything count, for now and in the future.

Made in Europe

It’s no secret that the people of Europe have high quality standards. Whether it is during the manufacturing of a car, or the creation of software, we take pride in upholding these standards.

Our Products

Virtual Private Storage

Virtual Private Storage (VPS) is a Salesforce app that vastly improves the way to work with files within Salesforce.

VPS is using the object relationship model from you Salesforce org and transforms it into a fully customizable hierarchical folder structure.